Connect, Learn and Climb. SMC members created the most active mountaineering club in California, hundreds strong and getting out all the time, year-round. When you join SMC you’ll become a member of this community of climbers - a club you can connect with, learn from, and continue to climb with for years to come. So join SMC now, and get out climbing with us!

Member Benefits Full Member SMC Outing Leader Free Member
Attend club outings and core skills seminars X X X
Attend paid training courses in rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering X X  
Skills training and advancement system X X  
Search database for climbing partners X X  
Attend SMC free presentations X X X
Safety gear available for loan X X  
Access to SMC training videos, curriculum and resources X X  
Videos, trip reports, and photos X X X
Gear discounts   X  
Technical and leadership skills training   X  
Priority RSVP option   X  


From Our Members

“ My first meetup and it certainly won't be my last. Had a great time with a great group of people with some really great instructors ”

— Eric Paul on Oct 28, 2013.

“ Great meet up group...professional, knowledgeble, would definately attend more meetups. ”

— Jeff Larson on Jun 30, 2013.

“ This is a remarkable group! There is always an awesome climb going on for novices to advance climbers. In every meetup that I have attended I have derived greater knowledge, new friends, and a sweet climb. I can’t wait until the next one. ”

— Scott Angus on May 1, 2013.

“ Great, friendly, safe, fun, and all around memorable learning experience. ”

— Devon Lawless on Jul 6, 2012.

“ Was a great group of people. Hope I get to climb with them again. ”

— Rodney Plamondon on Feb 21, 2012.

“ SMG is the best hands on resource I have found for individuals ranging from those looking to get started in mountaineering to experienced alpinists looking for quality partners. Leadership and guidance is unparalleled for the personal investment. If you are reading this and still aren't a member, look no further. Join now! ”

— Mike on Oct 4, 2011.

“ If you're interested in mountaineering and advancing your skills, this is the place! ”

— Debbie on Jan 2, 2011.

“ If you are looking for an organized group to get out and climb with, this is a great chance to do that. A lot of knowledge amongst the group and constructive teaching. ”

— Jake on Mar 22, 2010.

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