SIG 1.1 Introduction to Snow Climbing Free Training at June Lake, Mar. 24


This is a free training offered to SMC members who have attended an Online SIG 1 training or have appropriate snow climbing experience on their SMC profile. Completion places the SIG 1 badge on your SMC profile and better qualifies you to attend all club climbs and expeditions that require SIG 1 skills.

SIG 1.1 Introduction to Snow Climbing is an on-site field training course with a full day of orientation to the skills, know-how and gear needed for unroped climbing on easy to moderate snow slopes. It is typically followed by SIG 1.2 Basic Snow Climbing and Self-Arrest, the second on-site field training course in this series, with further snow climbing instruction and practice of self-belay, all four positions of self arrest and steeper snow climbing and descending technique. Loaner gear is provided for paid members on these and all official events.

HOW TO ATTEND: Make sure to "sign in" so you will be identified as having a membership. Then put your name on the interest list. Participants will be selected based on attendance of an online SIG 1 training or appropriate snow climbing experience on their SMC profile. You must have a membership to join the interest list. Not a Full Member? Join SMC or upgrade your membership here. If you experience difficulties during the registration or membership process, please send an email to our webmaster at This opportunity is made possible by membership and donations! Please join our efforts!

SIG 1 will help you prepare for SMC events like these

Snow, Ice and Glacier Climbing Level One, Day One Free Training: Introduction to Snow Climbing (SIG 1.1) 



SIG 1.1 is a full day of orientation. We demonstrate, practice and learn safety, knots, snow and ice gear, assessing snow and avalanche conditions, policies, fitting crampons, intro to belaying, easy unroped climbing practice on snow slopes with and without crampons.

SIG 1 Curriculum

Successful completion better qualifies you to attend club climbing events. This event has limited enrollment and a low student-to-instructor ratio so we can be sure you are learning the key skills and concepts required to safely participate in future club outings, or outings of your own.


All paid members receive significant discounts off ALL gear at Bobcat's Outdoor Adventure Sports,, (916) 505-7964. Brands include Black Diamond, ArcTeryx, La Sportiva, Petzl, Outdoor Research, Mountain Hardwear, MSR, Osprey and many others. 


  • Wicking, breathable base layer, top and bottom
  • Insulating, weather-resistant mid layer, top and bottom
  • Wind and waterproof shell layer, top and bottom
  • 2 pair socks
  • 2 pair gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm hat
  • Sun hat


  • Maximum 55 liter backpack
  • High energy food, snacks and drinks
  • Water bottles or container system
  • Strong headlamp
  • Sunscreen
  • Small personal first aid kit
  • Toiletries, personal items, medications, etc.
  • Optional items for consideration: trekking pole(s), camera, small knife or multi-tool, bandana

Climbing Gear*

  • Mountaineering or stiff, waterproof, warm hiking boots
  • Hard shell climbing helmet*
  • Crampons compatible with your boots*
  • Mountain ice axe*

*If you are without some of this important safety gear, it may be available for loan upon prior request, first-come, first serve.
For help in selecting the appropriate item, please refer to the SMC Detailed Clothing, Equipment and Gear List

Important Information

  • In order to attend, you must have a paid or free membership with the Sierra Mountaineering Club so that you can join the interest list. Join here.
  • All SMC outings practice established Leave No Trace principles to be good stewards of the land.
  • Participant safety is our top priority. The itinerary described reflects the planned events, however circumstances beyond the leader's control, including weather, may necessitate changes.
  • SMC carries communication devices, medical kits, and requires all leaders to have current wilderness first aid and CPR training as well as specific SMC training
  • This practice is free. Should you wish to inquire about it, please contact the SMC Executive Director at (916) 692-0005 or
  • Sierra Mountaineering Club is a 501(c)7 not-for-profit social and recreational mountaineering club. Our mission is to be a community where people connect, learn and climb together.

Leave No Trace

Sierra Mountaineering Club endorses the principles of LEAVE NO TRACE and expects all participants to abide by the following:

We Plan Ahead and Prepare By:

  • Checking with local public land agencies
  • Conducting research to know the area and what to expect
  • Encouraging ride sharing to the trailhead
  • Planning travel distances and activities
  • Being prepared for emergencies and changing conditions
  • Selecting the proper equipment for our activities and know how to use them
  • Conducting trainings to increase the safety of our teams

We Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces By:

  • Concentrating trail use in popular areas
  • Hiking on existing trails to minimize impacts to soils and wildlife
  • Selecting an appropriate campsite 200 feet from water and trails
  • When selecting a backcountry campsite, choosing one with a durable surface
  • When going off-trail, spreading our use to avoid trampling vegetation

We Pack It In and Pack It Out By:

  • Reducing litter at the source by minimizing packaging
  • Carrying out all trash, no matter how small

We Properly Dispose of What We Can't Pack Out By:

  • Disposing of urine properly on rocks or durable surfaces
  • Burying human feces in a cathole 6 inches deep at least 200 feet from water, trails and campsites.
  • Carrying out solid waste in areas where required
  • Carrying out all used toilet paper and personal sanitary products
  • Keeping cooking and waste away from water sources
  • Understanding and following all regulations for bear country

We Minimize Use and Impact of Fires By:

  • Using portable camp stoves for cooking
  • If fires are permissible and necessary for warmth or safety, using a mound fire

We Leave What We Find By:

  • Respecting wildlife
  • Minimizing campsite alterations - we believe good campsites are found, not made
  • Avoiding damaging live trees and plants
  • Leaving natural and cultural artifacts

We Are Considerate of Others By:

  • Choose secluded camps and less popular areas to climb
  • Taking rests in areas not visible from the trail
  • Traveling in the smallest groups possible

Recommended Guide Services in California

Unlike SMC, the following are certified guide services. Our partners in climbing offer amazing adventures in the Sierra and beyond:

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Shasta Mountain Guides -

Sierra Mountain Center -

Mountain Adventure Seminars -

Alpine Skills International -

 Sierra Mountaineering International -

Questions? Need more information?

Email us at or call (916) 692-0005 if you have questions regarding this class.