Online SIG 3 Training: Ice Lead, Multi-Pitch and Mixed Climbing, 11/29


Please join us for this Online SIG 3: Ice, Multi-Pitch and Mixed Climbing training. Attendance better qualifies you to attend any training events, club climbs and expeditions that require SIG 3 skills. Unlimited access to this and all online training is included for those with Full Membership, otherwise payment for registration is required. Training will be broadcast live using a businesss class video conferencing service Wednesday, November 29th from 8:30 - 10:00 pm. 

SIG 3.1 Water Ice Climbing is a free on-site field training course consisting of top rope ice climbing instruction and practice. Next, SIG 3.2 Water Ice Lead Climbing is a free on-site field training course providing instruction and practice in basic water ice lead climbing. This is followed by SIG 3.3 Multi-Pitch and Mixed Ice Climbing, a free on-site field training course providing instruction and practice in alpine / water ice, easy mixed and multi-pitch lead climbing. Loaner gear is provided for paid members on these and all official events.

This Online SIG 3 training will better qualify and prepare you to be RSVPed for all three on-site training days and all club climbs and expeditions rated at SIG 3 level. Unlimited access to this online training and all online training is included in Full Membership. Otherwise, please register by paying $75 for this session. Not a Full Member? Join SMC or upgrade your membership here

In a interactive live video presentation we'll discuss: 

  • Ice climbing safety, clothing and gear
  • Crampon footwork and technique
  • Ice tool technique
  • Parallel and alternating progression techniques 
  • Water ice lead climbing from the ground up
  • Lead belaying, clipping, resting, routefinding
  • Building multi-point ice anchors
  • Placing and assessing ice screws
  • V-thread and A-thread anchors
  • Ice climbing tips to conserve energy and climb efficiently
  • Efficient multi-pitch transitions
  • Descending and rappelling on ice 
  • Climbing in teams of three
  • Using twin ropes and half ropes  
  • Mixed climbing rock and ice with crampons and ice axes

WHAT PARTICIPATION MEANS: Attending the online SIG 3 training makes you more likely to be selected from the interest list for any of the SIG 3.1, SIG 3.2 or SIG 3.3 training dates held on the mountain and all club climbing events and expeditions rated at SIG 3. Please place your name on the interest list for SIG 3 events at any time. Your participation will be automatically recorded on your SMC profile. 

HOW TO REGISTER FOR THOSE WITH FULL MEMBERSHIP: Make sure to "sign in" here at the official SMC website so you will be identified as having a Full Membership. Then join the interest list. Your registration will be manually confirmed here and on Meetup.  There is no charge per session and you can attend as many sessions of any online training as often as you are registered.

HOW TO REGISTER FOR THOSE WITH ANOTHER MEMBERSHIP: Make sure to "sign in" here at the official SMC website so you will be identified. You can upgrade to Full Membership to have unlimited access to all online training events here: Otherwise register for this session by paying the fee right here on this page, orange box, top right. You can purchase the rights to unlimited downloading or streaming of a pre-recorded version of this online training at If you experience difficulties during the registration or membership process, please send an email to our webmaster at

ONCE YOUR REGISTRATION IS CONFIRMED: A day before the online training event you will be emailed the call-in information to the email listed on your SMC profile and the email listed on Meetup. If you have not recieved the emails around 24 hours ahead of time please check your spam folder. If you cannot find it please call SMC at (916) 692-0005 or email 

ON THE DAY OF THE TRAINING: You can call in with a mobile device or computer over a cell line or internet connection. It is recommended that you are able to view the live video feed from the presentation as this will greatly enhance your understanding of what is being discussed. You can interactively participate in the call with audio or chat messaging. Questions can be asked at any time. Visuals will be presented with simultaneous presenter audio and video.

QUESTIONS? Please see SMC Training Courses OverviewSMC Member Handbook, or contact SMC at (916) 692-0005 or at